Our Objectives

Sprinting - Courtesy of Mount St Mary's College and Barlborough Hall School

“Sport … protects the weak and excludes no-one … frees young people from the snares of apathy and indifference and arouses a healthy sense of competition in them…”John Paul II

Our aims

  • Educate young people, whatever their abilities, through sport
  • Develop communities through sport

Our objectives

  1. To inspire and support schools and clubs across the country to utilise and promote values-driven sport and physical education so as to enhance physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of individuals for the greater good of society.
  2. To free up as many sports facilities as possible in schools for after-school clubs so that young people can get off the streets and play a sport, discovering their sense of identity in sports clubs rather than gangs.
  3. Through sports training, help young ex-offenders to desist from criminal activity.