‘Living life to the full through sport’ – Mgr Felzmann to speak at Olympics Lecture Series

On April 26, John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport CEO Mgr Vlad Felzmann will be addressing the St Mary’s 2012 Olympics Lecture Series  – he will examine the concept of living life to the full through sport as exemplified in the JP2F4S and other initiatives that inspire, enable and sustain […]

Catholic bishops and members of JP2F4S board visit the Olympic Park

With six-months to go before the Opening Ceremony of the XXX Olympiad, bishops from the three London dioceses visited the Olympic Park this week to see how 504 acres of previously toxic wasteland in the East End of London has been transformed into a place of new life and immense […]

Mgr Vladimir Felzmann to speak at ‘Churches Together in Hitchin’

Mgr Vladimir Felzmann has been asked to speak about ‘Christianity and Sport’ during the`Mondays in Lent’ series at Churches Together in Hitchin on March 5.  Trish Bonnett, the Chair of Churches Together in Hitchin, said the Hertfordshire organisation wanted to reflect on what being  a Christian means in a 2012 […]

Updated John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport leaflet

John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport leaflet has been updated. Need any copies?

Calling all writers! JP2F4S needs you to help shape our first prayer

JP2F4S needs your help to write the charity’s first prayer! The prayer will be published in the organisation’s Membership Booklet, which will be handed out to all students involved in a JP2F4S sporting activity. Rev. Mgr Vlad Felzmann said: ” The Booklet will include all sorts of invaluable information including […]

JP2F4S signs up its first school – Risley Avenue Primary School

JP2F4S is delighted to have signed up its first school and only one month since the launch of the new charity (October 26, 2011). Risley Avenue Primary School, in Tottenham, plans to make available its floodlit football pitch and school hall after school hours so that local young people can […]

Looking for schools in Tottenham to open their doors out of hours

John Paul II Foundation for Sport has put out a call to all north east London Tottenham-based schools to see whether any would be keen to open their doors to the new sports charity.

Mgr delivered his presentation while doing 74 press ups – a first

October 26, 2011: Launch of John Paul II Foundation for Sport

The launch of John Paul II Foundation for Sport (JP2F4S) was an amazing success – that was the unanimous decision of all those who came to the Throne Room at Archbishop’s House on October 26 to celebrate the launch of this new charity. We were delighted to welcome the Sports […]

A video message from Tom Daley

Tom Daley supports John Paul II Foundation for Sport

Diving World Champion Tom Daley recorded a special message which was played during the launch of John Paul II Foundation for Sport on Wednesday October 26 at Archbishop’s House. During the short film Tom acknowledged the support his faith gives him: “The Games give us a chance to marvel at […]

John Paul II Foundation for Sport Launches to Bring ‘Peace through Sport’

Wednesday 26 October 2011 saw the launch of The John Paul ll Foundation for Sport (JP2F4S), designed to promote sport to people of all ages and abilities as well as the attainment of ‘Peace through Sport’ – both personally and in local neighbourhoods. The new Foundation aims to encourage youngsters […]