Students at St Mary’s University take part in fourth wave of ‘Aim High For All’ Programme training

Aim High For All programme

Happy graduates with AHFA certificates

The fourth wave of the JP2F4S Aim High For All Programme training took place on 24 October at St Mary’s University.  Professor Annalise Gordon introduced the course to a group of students working for the Post Graduate Certificate in Education.  It comprises four units: the work of JP2F4S, implementing the Aim High For All programme in schools, a consideration of the fundamental values of sport and a history of sport at St Mary’s University.  There was also a great presentation from Paul Smith of the Great Sportsmanship Programme.

Aim High For All programme

Dr Colm Hickey explaining the Aim High For All programme to St Mary University students

The Aim High For All Programme training, which gives the participants the knowledge and skills to deliver the course to young people both inside and outside of schools, was well received with 100% of participants judging it good or outstanding.  One delegate wrote that it was “informative and enjoyable and was well broken up and easy to digest”.

Dr Colm Hickey, Director of Education of the JP2F4S said: “The training day was a huge success and the students well informed and motivated.  There is a strong relationship between the Foundation and the University which we are looking to develop to our mutual advantage.  Another Aim High For All Programme training is planned for February 2018.