David Redvers smashes London Marathon PB and his fundraising target in support of JP2F4S

David Redvers’ achievement in the London Marathon has rendered us speechless here at JP2F4S HQ. We are still reeling from the shock after our very own London Marathon runner not only broke his personal best to run the race in 2 hrs 58 mins but he also smashed his ambitious fundraising target. The dream was to reach £26,000 – to date that figure is over £30,000. What do you say to that!

David Redvers

David with two of his three children and Mgr Vladimir Felzmann after the race – and still smiling

Below we reproduce an article that appeared in The Universe on May 5 about David and the events leading up to April 23 – it says it all.

Thank you to all those who sponsored David Redvers – we cannot thank you enough. Your generosity will help us to continue to deliver our programmes to educate young people through sport.

“David Redvers has raised over £30,000 for the John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport by running the Virgin London Marathon. Mgr Vladimir Felzmann, Sport Chaplain and CEO of the John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport, has known David and his parents ever since David was born in 1970. He officiated at David’s wedding with Laura and baptised his three children. “I am an honourable member of the Redvers family,” he told The Universe.

“However, due to an unexpected mishap, David Redvers almost did not run in the Marathon. “A few days before the Marathon, while playing on dodgems, he received a hefty whack from behind and seriously damaged his back. He could hardly walk,” said Mgr Felzmann. “Providentially, his brother-in-law, Rupert Rittson Thomas, sign-posted him to his excellent physio who, using much cruel but benign force, made his back runnable. “Having slept on a bed of frozen peas David was able to go for it.” David had learnt from his previous three marathons – timed a varying number of minutes over three hours – not to take off too swiftly. With his trusty watch-timer he knew what speed he needed to keep in order to avoid early burnout and reach his goal. A steady 1.45 miles every 10 minutes – with a final sprint should do it. Having had to lose some two stones in order to be able to compete in the 1000km long Mongol Derby, the world’s longest horserace, David was lighter than at his previous marathons and had set his target on under three hours.

The Universe, May 5 2017

“Apart from many generous donations from David’s, Mgr Felzmann’s and the John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport’s friends, David won a wager. A wealthy friend promised him £10,000 for the foundation if he ran under three hours. David ran the Marathon in two hours, 58 minutes and 22 seconds – even though he had lost a big-toe nail a mile or so before the finishing line.

“Thanks to David’s magnificent effort, a sum – monies are still coming – just north of £30,000, has been raised for the John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport. “David has now hung up his Marathon Trainers,” said Mgr Felzmann. “His debt to me has been more than paid.”