David Redvers updates us on progress preparing for the Virgin London Marathon

David Redvers with Fr Vlad Felzmann

David Redvers, amidst his busy work life in the racing industry, is training hard to run in the Virgin London Marathon on April 23, 2017. Where does he find the time!

He hopes to raise at least £5,000 for JP2F4S. Have you sponsored him yet? If JP2F4S is to continue to follow its mission to ‘Educate young people through sport’ and, therefore, help more young people to thrive, we need a substantial injection of funds.

Every little helps – so please follow this Just Giving link to David Redvers donation page and show your support. Thank you!

Below is an account of the past week – trying to juggle the Cheltenham Festival and training!

“There’s no getting away from it, last week was a complete disaster from a marathon training perspective.  We are lucky enough to live 20 minutes from Cheltenham racecourse and living and working in the racing industry means that the world and his wife seem to descend on us for the week of the Cheltenham Festival.

“I’d managed to bang out 15.5 miles in 1.53 last Sunday but had stupidly not arranged a water drop anywhere on the route and by the time I crawled back into our kitchen, dehydrated and over heating, our first guests had already arrived.  Not quite the welcome they were expecting.

“I’ve been riding out for a local racehorse trainer desperately trying to get fit to ride in a point to point (an amateur 3 mile jumps race), as one of my unfulfilled ambitions is to ride a winner.  The last time I rode in a point to point was in 1995 when I came second, but at that time I was keener on rugby than racing as at 6’2” my weight made rugby an easier pasttime.  However, competing in the Mongol Derby last autumn caused me to lose nearly 3 stone and gave me the incentive I needed to give it another go, albeit 22 years later.  So Monday, Tuesday and Thursday were riding mornings, whilst I ran on Wednesday (5 miles) and Friday (7 miles) with the great plan of a long run on Sunday.  That was before I received a generous last minute invitation to go to Dublin on Saturday for the rugby.  I was running nowhere on Sunday as I could barely walk having been dragged around every pub in Dublin as my Irish friends’ token English whipping boy.

“I ran 13.5 miles this morning in 1.34 and heavy drizzle but my other great ambition of running a sub 3 hr marathon seems further away than ever.  My personal best of 3.10 in 1997 is a more achievable target and as I pound the country roads of Gloucestershire I take some small comfort knowing that any money I raise will help Fr Vlad (as we have known him since early childhood) achieve his great ambition of steering young troubled lives towards fulfilment.  I know how lucky I am to live and work my dream and how much worse off those are who seemingly have no opportunities.  If I can help JP2F4S make a difference then the short term pain will undoubtedly be worth it. “