Our Mission:

Character Education Through Sport

To support clubs and schools by promoting a values-driven approach to sport and physical education; enhancing the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of young people for the benefit of all.


Our Mission

JP2F4S aims to enable an ever increasing number of people – in particular the young – to achieve the holistic fulfilment of their potential by acquiring the life skills – call them virtues – taught and lived by St John Paul and which cannot be learned in front of a screen but can be learned through reflecting on sport and physical education.

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Our History

The John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport (JP2F4S) was launched by Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Britain in 2010 and became a Registered Charity (1144087) in September 2011. 

Inspired by St John Paul II’s vision for sport, its overarching aim is the building of young people’s character and the development of their life-skills.

JP2F4S has developed educational programmes which use sport to help young people improve their self-esteem and thus motivation and aspirations so as to become the best they can be.




Since its inception in 2011, JP2F4S has consistently served communities for the past 7 years.




We have helped over 25 clubs/schools flourish with our resources and assistance.




Our programmes and clubs have helped over 1000 young people better themselves through sports.


Our Work

JP2F4S is akin to a trade association as it inspires, motivates, enables and then monitors and supports sports clubs to be conceived and grow. We help clubs to find funding while monitoring and mentoring their leadership to sustain the values of JP2F4S; encouraging them to communicate their achievements onto a wider stage.


School PETS Clubs

Our School PIES Education Through Sport Clubs are able to access the School PETS Clubs resources area on our website, upon payment of an annual subscription.  The school appoints an Ambassador (staff or senior student) whose role is to communicate with JP2F4S, sending sporting statistics, reports of activities and pictures for our website.  Our School Liaison will visit every half-term to monitor, encourage and advise on its sport activities.


Stand-alone Clubs

We support these clubs with our administration; monitor and encourage them through our JP2F4S Coordinator and find funding whenever required.



Young Ex-Offenders Clubs

Currently in development.

After-School Clubs

The Foundation seeks to persuade the SMT and Governors to open the school, without charge, for a JP2F4S Club. Our JP2F4S Coordinator will guide the school, using our tested template, to set up and run their After-School Club.  These clubs are funded, in part, by the subs of those using them.





Community Clubs

We aim to inspire the congregation to set up a committee, then enable, facilitate, monitor and mentor those running the club to help it grow and link up/ compete with other similar clubs in their area.


Overseas Clubs

The Foundation provides access to School PETS Clubs resources and we identify how we can help the clubs develop and thrive.


Every sport, at both the amateur and competitive level, requires basic human qualities such as rigorous preparation, continual training, awareness of one’s personal limits, fair play, acceptance of rules, respect for one’s opponent and a sense of solidarity and unselfishness…

John Paul II 



Get Involved

As a member of John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport (JP2F4S), whether you join as an individual or group, you will receive the tools to develop the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspect to your life.



JP2F4S will accept applications from individuals, groups or teams who wish to participate and enable people to join others with similar interests and needs.

Volunteer opportunities

We are always looking for more people to start clubs, coach sporting events, etc! Click below to apply.

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With a little help great things can be achieved by many who had thought they could never achieve.