Educating Young People Through Sport



John Paul II waving goodbye to the UK.

John Paul II waving goodbye to the UK.

To support clubs and schools by promoting a values-driven approach to sport and physical education; enhancing the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of young people for the benefit of all.

JP2F4S aims to enable an ever increasing number of people – in particular the young – to achieve the holistic fulfilment of their potential by acquiring the life skills – call them virtues – taught and lived by St John Paul and which cannot be learned in front of a screen but can be learned through reflecting on sport and physical education.



JP2F4S is blind to anyone’s race, ethnicity, economic situation, background or belief, age or ability, whether they are single or partnered. Everyone who signs up to our criteria is welcome in JP2F4S.

The Foundation inspires and enables the creation of four types of sports clubs in which to educate young people:


After-school clubs – to help schools with their corporate social responsibility and bring them closer to the community (e.g. Sports Squared)


Stand-alone clubs – some initiated by JP2F4S, some supported by JP2F4S, having been founded by others (e.g. Wessex FCGoldhawks Basketball)


Community/parish clubs – to enhance community cohesion (e.g. St Michael and St Martin, Hounslow)


School PETS clubs – PIES (physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual) education through sport (e.g. All Hallows, Macclesfield; St Mary’s Menston)