When sports are played and understood in the right way, they are an extraordinary expression of a person’s best inner energies and of the ability to overcome difficulties, to set oneself goals to be reached through sacrifice, generosity and determination in facing the difficulties of every human person…
— John Paul II
AHFA programme was unveiled at St Stephen’s Primary School, Skipton, Yorkshire

AHFA programme was unveiled at St Stephen’s Primary School, Skipton, Yorkshire

JP2F4S has published a range of materials which form part of the Aim High For All (AHFA) Programme for Schools.

Endorsed by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the AHFA programme was unveiled at St Stephen’s Primary School, Skipton, Yorkshire, on November 24, 2016, as it was in this county that some three years ago JP2F4S first asked schools to road-test the first three pilot booklets that made up the programme.

Designed for 9 – 16 year olds, the Aim High For All Programme is designed to support schools by promoting a vision-based, values-driven approach to sport and physical education; enhancing the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of young people for the benefit of all.

JP2F4S’ mission is inspired by values dear to St John Paul II and the philosophy of education set out in the CTS document ‘Christ at the Centre’.

In order to achieve this we have produced a range of materials principally designed for use in PHSE, RE or PE lessons.

The programme provides a rationale for developing pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) awareness, their understanding of, and relationship with, God. They enable pupils to reflect on and acquire virtues which help them develop their character.

Each booklet examines in a practical way the eight virtues through which each of the eight values found in the Beatitudes can be lived. As we say at JP2F4S, ‘virtues make values visible’.

Some schools have told us they will tackle a virtue a week, some every two weeks and others, a virtue a month.


Aim High For All Programme Booklets

Aim High For All Programme Booklets

Aim High For All Programme Booklets

Currently there are four AHFA booklets:

  • Booklet P – for year 6
  • Booklet 1 – for year 7
  • Booklet 2 – for year 8
  • Booklet 3 – for year 9

Hard copies of the booklets cost £4. Additionally, schools may become affiliated – by paying a fee, the size of which depends on the roll of the school – which provides access to the online, interactive versions of our AHFA Programme booklets.

A series of eight PowerPoint presentations, designed for use in year group or whole school Assemblies, will soon be available for JP2F4S Affiliated Schools.

Why did we introduce the Aim High For All Programme

St John Paul II said that ‘Catholic schools, while promoting a quality education, hold up Christian values to children, inviting them to build their own lives on them. Teaching these values, for those who know how to accept and live them consistently, yields highly positive results – as experience confirms – at the personal, family and professional levels.’[1]

The programme is rooted in a belief that Christian virtues while transcending, promote British values. It provides schools with an evidence-based assessment demonstrating not only that these values have been taught, but also that their impact has been evaluated.

The Second Vatican Council [Gaudium et Spes, n.61] stated that  ‘physical exercise and sport help to create harmony of feeling even on the level of the community as well as foster friendly relations between men and women of all classes, countries and races’.

[1] Pope John Paul II, Address to Teachers and Students of the Catholic Villa Flaminia Institute