What are the benefits and advantages of joining the Foundation?

As a member of John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport (JP2F4S), whether you join as an individual or group, you will receive the tools to develop the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspect to your life … your PIES.

JP2F4S will furnish you with programmes designed to help you develop your life-skills – call them virtues – vital if you are to fulfil your potential.


Sport not only helps you stay fit and healthy – as well as reducing the dangers of obesity  – but JP2F4S will put you into contact with like-minded clubs in this country and abroad to enable you to exchange ideas and share best practice in the development of physical education and sport.

Our Foundation sees sport as HERE: Healthy, Educational, Recreational and Evangelising [i.e. Good News] as it bridges the gap between individuals and communities throughout our Global City.

On a practical level, subscription-membership of John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport will also provide a wide range of other benefits such as:

  • A range of educational resources
  • Provide schools with certification criteria for values-driven PE and Sport for students at KS2 and KS4 (Gold, Silver, Bronze and Participation awards)
  • Support you in actively promoting SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development) and British values
  • Permit you to use the JP2F4S logo on your website, and other communication forums, and also on sports kits, certificates, awards, letterhead
  • Provide you with a bespoke JP2F4S Certificate of Membership
  • Allow you access to the members-only section of John Paul II Foundation for Sport website (under construction)
  • Provide access to JP2F4S merchandise – kit, trophies, certificates, posters, badges, wrist bands etc
  • Provide access to Catholic Schools Sports Federation of GB events, trials and international competitions


From 2016, membership of John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport will also

  • Give eligibility to participate in annual JP2F4S Art, Prayer and Writing Competitions within your own school and nationally
  • Enable member clubs to be nominated for the Annual JP2F4S National Schools Awards in the following categories: Commitment to Sport for All; Faith and Sport; Sport in the Community; Inter-Faith Sports and International.