Launch of Aim High for All Foundation Booklet for Key Stage 2

Aim High for All (AHFA) programme – the Foundation booklet is specifically designed for pupils in Key Stage 2.

Dr Colm Hickey, JP2F4S Director of Education, explained: “The booklet explores the Foundation’s eight core values of integrity, dignity, humility,truth, justice , forgiveness, tolerance and service by focusing on the virtues of self-direction, nobility, gratitude, determination, resilience, optimism, politeness and teamwork.

“As in the other booklets in the series, the inspiration for each virtue comes from the life and career of a sportsman or sportswoman who provide compelling examples and act as a catalyst for discussion, reflection and change among the children.”

Packed with games, puzzles, word searches, questionnaires and reflections, the Aim High for All Foundation booklet provides an invaluable tool for teachers and school leaders to monitor, assess and celebrate the development of core values which aids pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and academic development.

JP2F4S will soon be publishing a Teacher’s Guide for the KS2 Foundation booklet. This Guide provides a rationale and methodology for developing pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness and their understanding of – and relationship with God – through the medium of sport; while making a contribution to the promotion of British values in school.

Atticus Pirrie