The Foundation exists to initiate, motivate, encourage and show others how to set up a sports club.

There are six types of club associated with JP2F4S:

1. School PETS Clubs

Our School PIES Education Through Sport Clubs are able to access the School PETS Clubs resources area on our website, upon payment of an annual subscription.  The school appoints an Ambassador (staff or senior student) whose role is to communicate with JP2F4S, sending sporting statistics, reports of activities and pictures for our website.  Our School Liaison will visit every half-term to monitor, encourage and advise on its sport activities.

2. After-School Clubs

The Foundation seeks to persuade the SMT and Governors to open the school, without charge, for a JP2F4S Club. Our JP2F4S Coordinator will guide the school, using our tested template, to set up and run their After-School Club.  These clubs are funded, in part, by the subs of those using them.

3. Stand-alone Clubs

We support these clubs with our administration; monitor and encourage them through our JP2F4S Coordinator and find funding whenever required.

4. Community Clubs

We aim to inspire the congregation to set up a committee, then enable, facilitate, monitor and mentor those running the club to help it grow and link up/ compete with other similar clubs in their area.

5. Young Ex-Offenders Clubs (in development)

6. Overseas Clubs

The Foundation provides access to School PETS Clubs resources and we identify how we can help the clubs develop and thrive.

School PETS Clubs


St Mary's Catholic Primary School

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Brent joined JP2F4S in June 2016 – the first primary school in London to become a part of the Foundation.  The school is committed to being fully inclusive and prides itself on its high expectations, innovative curriculum and distinct approach to learning.


The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust

The school communities of The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust work together in truth and love to provide the best possible opportunities for all the young people and their families.

Their mission is the provision, development and future safeguarding of a world class Catholic education where every child, member of staff and family matters.

The schools, their governors and the trust directors work together, based on the principle of subsidiarity, in faithfulness and humility, to provide an education where Christ and His values of respect, service, tolerance, dignity and forgiveness are at the heart of everything they do.

A handful of schools, who converted into academies under The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust, have joined JP2F4S:  Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, IlkleySaints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School, YeadonSt Mary’s, HorsforthSt Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Pudsey ; St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Otley.


St Mary’s Menston

In February 2014, St. Mary’s, Menston [an academy under The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust] became the fifth school in the country to join John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport. See our news story.

CEO of John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sports says of St Mary’s: “The school epitomises the values of the John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport.  The scope and influence of PE and Sport at St. Mary’s is vast, both within and beyond the school.  This is a school that uses PE and sport in the most positive way with its own students and in the wider community.”


Divine Mercy RC Primary School

Divine Mercy RC Primary School in Manchester joined JP2F4S as an associate sports club on 13 May 2013 – Mgr Vlad Felzmann travelled to the school to hand over their certificate and has challenged the pupils to find a new name for the JP2F4S sporting team.


All Hallows Catholic College

All Hallows Catholic College in Macclesfield is the latest school to join JP2F4S [September 2014].  The College is an all-ability Voluntary Academy for boys and girls aged 11 to 18. The College serves a wide geographical area of East Cheshire and also draws students from parts of Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Stockport.

The school prides itself on providing an education for the whole person, for the formation of human character through knowledge and skills, and values and virtues and has developed a strong emphasis on living the Christian values of honourable purpose, respect, compassion, co-operation and stewardship.

As part of the All Hallows Learning Community (AHLC), a number of primary schools are now members of JP2F4S: St Gregory’s Primary School; Christ the King Catholic and Church of England Primary School; St Paul’s Catholic Primary School; St Alban’s Catholic Primary School; St Mary’s, Congleton; St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School; St John the Evangelist Church of England Primary School.


St Simon’s Catholic Primary School

St Simon’s Catholic Primary School is the latest addition to the JP2F4S family (July 2015).  Situated in the Diocese of Shrewsbury, the school opened in 1970.  It has a specialist PE teacher who works alongside classroom teachers to help increase pupil expectations during PE sessions and to encourage them to develop a healthy competitiveness.  Lunchtime clubs are available for activities such as cricket and skipping, and after school, three sports clubs are offered for football, multi-skills and running.

The school is keen to encourage children to take part in a broad range of sport and is supporting participation in local clubs, such as Taekwondo.

The Foundation is delighted to welcome St Simon’s and to support everyone there to deliver an education which brings ‘fullness of life’.

After-School Clubs


Cardinal Wiseman Club

The Cardinal Wiseman After-School Club opened its doors on September 20, 2013 and runs on a Friday evening. Sixth formers from Cardinal Wiseman help with the admin and training and Brentford FC is supplying coaches (for a fee).


Sports Squared

Sports Squared is a sports club launched in partnership with Sion-Manning SchoolSt Charles VIth Form College and Queens Park Rangers Community Trust and is the first legacy club to come on stream after the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. It opened its doors in September 2012.

Sports Squared currently opens on Thursday afternoons, offering local children and young adults the opportunity to get involved in sport in their area. Using the sports facilities at both Sion-Manning School and St Charles VIth Form College, the club offers sessions in basketball, football and trampolining.

The club is located in Kensington and Chelsea, which might have a reputation as a borough of privilege, but is actually a ‘borough of extremes’. While many of the most affluent in the country live there, the ward of St Charles, where the club is based, ranks as one of the most deprived in the whole country. Having a facility such as this, in this area of London, will help to bring together young people in a positive environment and teach them about core values such as hard work.

Take a look at what a couple of students said about Sports Squared:

“Sports Squared is fun for individuals who enjoy sports and performing arts, despite your abilities.” [Yr. 9]

“I would recommend someone else to attend Sports Squared because it is very welcoming. We learn a lot of skills and everyone treats each other like family.” [Yr. 10]