Commitment to join: All members of John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport (JP2F4S) commit to supporting the aims of JP2F4S.

They do their best to:

  1. Aim high, play fair

  2. Respect our own bodies, our opponents and the rules of the game

  3. Be humble in victory; dignified and courageous in defeat

  4. Strive for excellence while defending the weak

  5. Do our best for all teams

  6. Seek solidarity with everyone beyond all differences of race, culture, gender and sexual orientation, politics and religion

  7. Try to live the values to be the best they can be

All in an Atmosphere of Joy, Peace and friendship.

Members will strive to live our values as virtues to be the best:

Integrity: being honest and behaving well

Dignity: having a calm and serious manner

Humility: admitting how you really are; being modest, not showing off

Justice: letting others have – or giving to others – what is theirs; treating others fairly

Truth: being true, genuine, actual or factual

Forgiveness: understanding; moving on; no longer blaming someone

Tolerance: respecting the beliefs and actions of others

Service: working for the benefit of someone or something