JP2F4S is akin to a trade association as it inspires, motivates, enables and then monitors and supports sports clubs to be conceived and grow. We help clubs to find funding while monitoring and mentoring their leadership to sustain the values of JP2F4S; encouraging them to communicate their achievements onto a wider stage.

Currently there are four types of JP2F4S clubs.

  1. School PETS clubs – where PETS = PIES Education through Sport; and PIES = the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual dimensions of human life.
  1. After-school clubs – these help schools with their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and bring them closer to the local community.
  1. Community/parish based clubs – these enable young people to become peer-evangelists as they invite their non-worshipping school friends, and thus their families, to become a part of their local, worshipping community.
  1. Stand-alone clubs – some initiated by JP2F4S, some supported and structured by JP2F4S, having been founded by others.

Thanks to our programmes, all of these help to educate young people in life-skills while enhancing community-cohesion, increasing health and well-being and reducing crime, self-harm and obesity.

What we do in schools

Our Vision: ‘Holistic education of young people through sport’.

Our Mission: ‘To support schools and clubs by promoting a values-driven approach to sport and physical education; enhancing the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of young people for the benefit of all.’

In order to achieve this, we have produced a range of materials, principally designed for use in PHSE lessons. The materials provide a rationale for developing pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural and social (SMSC) awareness. They enable pupils to reflect on and acquire virtues/life-skills which help them develop their character.  They can also be used in RE and PE lessons. Additionally, a series of eight PowerPoint presentations are designed for use in year group or whole school assemblies.

Teaching these values, for those who know how to accept and live them consistently, yields highly positive results – as experience confirms – at the personal, family and professional levels.

The programme is rooted in a belief that our JP2F4S virtues, while transcending, promote British values. It provides schools with an evidence-based assessment demonstrating not only that these values have been taught, but also that their impact has been evaluated.