As well as matching those who wish to play sport with those who teach it and the necessary facilities, the Foundation proposes to promote and join with existing national and international sporting activities.

Future plans include (the list will change as the Foundation grows and develops):

  • To provide sporting occasions where the name, values and the work of the Foundation can be shared
  • To foster national and international links, sharing good practice, where people can participate through volunteering and leadership if not through active engagement in sport
  • To create sport networks and engage through festivals linked to major sporting events which happen every year
  • To put teams in touch with one another to play friendly one-off games
  • To encourage sporting participation in the spirit of the Foundation’s values, including mass participation in festivals reflecting international events through to arranging friendly matches between teams endorsing  our values
  • To establish bursaries, subject to fundraising, or offer particular gifts in kind, to enable the participation of young people who would otherwise not have the necessary kit, support, ability to travel or other prerequisites for using their talents to the full
  • To launch the John Paul II Foundation for Sport Awards
  • To establish an Annual Awards Evening to celebrate & spread awareness of diverse contributions to sport in the spirit of the Foundation’s values
  • To commit to promoting research and deeper study of sport and spirituality
  • To set up, in partnership with The Unity of Faiths Foundation, a series of multi-faith sports clubs for young people, the first of these being in East London.

Pilot training course for young ex-offenders

Invited into Wormwood Scrubs, the Foundation is currently working to pilot a 36 hour training course enabling young ex-offenders to obtain the FA Level 1 Coaching Award and the JP2F4S ‘Aim High For All’ Certificate. The Certificate will be awarded once the young men have agreed to change their life-style and ambitions so as to desist re-offending and make a positive impact on society as a whole.

The project is designed to support up to 24 young ex-offenders (currently with less than 12 months of their tariff still to run) coming out of prison through providing mentoring, employment and accommodation, with a view to reducing the risk of reoffending and re-incarceration.

The Foundation will work with A Fairer Chance (employment brokers for ex-offenders), Mosaic (provider of mentoring programmes), supported housing for young prison leavers and Matt Tallon (Coach Educator and FA Lead Tutor) to provide the training and support.

After a successful pilot, the Foundation will take the project to the Home Secretary for potential national implementation.