JP2F4S has a dedicated team – mainly volunteers – supporting its growth and development. Meet them below!



Mgr Vlad Felzmann is the Mother and CEO of John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport and is also Catholic Chaplain for Sport.


Colm Hickey

Colm Hickey, a volunteer Director of Education at JP2F4S, is also the organisation’s first Co-ordinator of Volunteers. He spent 30 years in Catholic education including the Headship of a Specialist Sports College so he has a deep interest in the role that sport can play not only in the physical  development of young people, but also in their academic progress and spiritual formation.  Colm is also the author of numerous articles on the history of athleticism in schools. His role as Director of Education is to embed the ethos and philosophy of John Paul 2 Foundation into Catholic institutions throughout the country.
As the Co-ordinator of Volunteers he will be working with schools, clubs and parishes to train to run school, club and parish sporting activities that are  community based, sustainable and in keeping with the vision, values, aims and objectives of the Foundation.
Colm is a keen sportsman and has regularly run the London Marathon as well as being the Hon Social Secretary of the Middlesex Wanderers Football Club which has as its remit to tour the world  bringing both fellowship and friendship through football.


Yvonne Watts

Yvonne Watts became part of the management team in early January 2015 – she is the Foundation’s Accountant.


Milton A.G Moore

Milton A.G Moore studied at St Mary Jamaica Secondary School and completed secondary education at Stockwell Manor school in the UK.

He has achieved many sporting feats including:

  • Being selected for trials at Surrey Oval Cricket club

  • Playing for Surrey Table Tennis Club in Europe, in the National UK league & the National team of Jamaica.

  • Being appointed cricket captain for Stockwell manor in 1969, and awarded the acclaimed “Developing young person” in 1970.

  • Qualifying to teach most racquets and ball sports at school and club level.

  • Being involved in the introduction of quick cricket to the UK during the early eighties at the Surrey Oval.


Mike Dawson

Mike is a banker by background having had a career in various management positions for a major UK based global bank culminating in a senior role as a lead management trainer. Here he led a training team designing and delivering training courses in financial risk management for the bank. After retirement, he set up his own successful financial training management consulting business but he is now active as a volunteer for several charities. He is delighted to have joined the team at JP2F4S as School Liaison Lead.